Santos FC signs partnership with City Futsal

Santos FC and City Futsal in Dallas signed a sponsorship and partnership agreement on July 1st., and valid until December 31, 2020. The unprecedented agreement between the two institutions was signed by City Futsal President and Co-Founder Federico Mariel, and Santos FC Futsal Coordinator, Rodrigo Neves. The partnership between Santos FC and City Futsal has objectives, to expand the Santos FC brand in North America, and operate an active exchange program involving coaches and players from both organizations.

"For City Futsal it is very special and meaningful to work with one of the most iconic clubs in the world, we also always dreamt of being a part of Santos FC futsal. We are confident this agreement will be very good for both institutions, and our intention is to share and spread the Santos FC futsal methodology in the U.S. We are very pleased and look forward to further strengthening our relationship, “ said President Mariel.

As of July 3 Santos FC futsal coordinator Rodrigo Neves, director José Alexandre (Barata) will conduct futsal clinics for players and coaches in Oklahoma City, Dallas and Tulsa. Their return to Brazil is scheduled for the 12th.

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