Create your own futsal program, powered by City Futsal.

Powered by Programs have been designed for teams, clubs and youth associations to take advantage of our futsal expertise and create your own futsal program, powered by City Futsal. Incorporating futsal to your group’s seasonal training activities gives your team, club or association the ability to improve the group as a unit, and in return promoting better participation and more effective skill acquisition.


As a result City Futsal is apart of your technical staff giving the team, club or association more time to focus on what the group needs to improve on tactically during the season. Get full access and feedback from our trainers and give your organization the edge over competition.

City Futsal and the club team coach will come up with a customized training curriculum that best fits the team in their in or off season for what they need as a team. The team will come in once or twice a week, depending on what season they are in. The team will sign a contract for either 3 months, 6 months or 9 months. City Futsal is considered part of that teams technical staff.

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Pioneers in futsal, a sport growing in both popularity and participation, trailblazers in the transformation of American club soccer and creators of the first urban sports club, we are always looking for new ways to challenge the status quo when it comes to the sporting community and how our members play, train and compete in everyday life.





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